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Martha Stewart Loves the Blaze!


I opened up the Halloween edition of Martha Stewart Living to find that she recommends going to to see The Blaze and labeled it an “American Treasure.” Cheers to that Martha!

The days are winding down as I get ready to bring my sculpture over to the Blaze to get it set up.  I am both nervous and excited, apprehensive but ready. Like a wild scientist I’ve been in my lab for the past three months cooking away with leaves and wood, glue and glitter, paint and pliers.  In creating this sculpture I’ve run the gamut of emotions from fully confident to completely unsure of the work…but alas the finished product has brought me a sense of calming peace.

I think much of this peace has also come from my father who has played an integral role in building the structure of the work – both his woodwork and artistic talent have been a major blessing!  I am endlessly grateful for his help along this journey.

I’m so happy that the sculpture is complete right around the time of the full moon – it just feels right.  There is a sense of accomplishment but also of new beginnings, letting go, graceful acceptance.  I hope this full moon finds you planting your own seeds of gratitude and focusing on the things you’d like to give more love and attention to!   I hope you’re enjoying the beginning of Autumn…and finding quiet peace along your path…

Blessings, xoxoxo, Erica

Building an Altar

Here is what I’ve learned over the past month…it takes time, patience, and agility to build a sculpture.

Since I’m not a trained sculptor building my piece for the ‘Art of the Pumpkin’ exhibit soon to appear at Van Cortlandt Manor has been a welcome challenge.

Often I’ve had to check in with myself, take my emotions and put them on the back burner in order to use a discerning editing eye.  What I’ve found is that it’s not easy to sculpt an altar.  Most altars are rights of passage that linger in the corner of temples, churches, gardens.  They are unexpected organic occurrences that grow fruitful with time, visitation and gratitude.

My altar is sculptural, it is created in dedication to a man who I loved for many years who is no longer living on the earth plane.

The piece is for anyone who has ever lost a loved one and it’s an interpretation of how the heart grows and changes with time.  I’ve chosen to not show it to anyone till’ I’ve finished it because it is a love letter to my late love and I want to keep it close to my heart, protected as a clear vision, a dance between us.

I can’t wait to share it at the The Blaze this October and I hope you get a chance to see it.



Fresh Air & Photos & Hot Cocoa, Oh My!

There is not too much that I’m sure of but I do know that a combination of both fresh air and friendship are good for the soul.

I was lucky enough to have a photo shoot this past weekend at a local farm with three wonderful friends.  We went running through the fields, stopped by an ice pond and sat in the gazebo atop a quiet hill sipping hot chocolate and sharing stories.

All I know is that when I am out in the wind connecting with both friends and nature, I am at my best.  I remember what it’s all about and I am able to take a photograph that not only connects with the person but also connects with the moment.

I hope you are having a beautiful day and that you take time out of your busy day to have fun!




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